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 The Collie Rescue and Therapeutic  programs can help children in need of direction to focus and channel their energy in a positive way.  Triple Crown Kennel and Stable hopes to work with schools to target students who will benefit most in after school and summer programs.  With guidance, students can take on the responsibility of caring for a collie, border collie, and shelties, learning to work together, building self-esteem and setting and accomplishing goals as they prepare the collie for a loving adoption home.  

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facility is off Murrayville Road in Wilmington, 2 minutes from I40, so chances are good we’re on your way.

5005 Pine Knoll Rd. Wilmington NC 28411 US


5005 Pine Knoll Road, Wilmington, NC 28411, USA

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910-352-3395 Kennel number

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5005 Pine Knoll Road, Wilmington, NC 28411
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President - Lynn Teague (910) 470-4104 email:

Vice President - Andrew Teague (980) 279-7579

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Jane Hammett Bright (910) 974-3647



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 WNCN-TV—Raleigh, NC 

Horse Sense Helps Children Overcome Problems

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Troubled children are riding their way to higher self-esteem and reduced anxiety in a horse therapy program run by a local woman. Sissy Nelson's Horse Play program is open to all children after school. Nelson is a champion rider and showman who believes horses bring out the best in everyone. She speaks from experience, having survived an abusive childhood.

"I survived a lot of trauma, and (horses) loved me through it and I learned a lot about myself," she said.

Nelson said working with horses teaches children lessons much deeper than trotting or cantering. She has used her program to help special-needs children, orphans and bullies.

"They learn to conquer their fears; they learn to become self-confident," she said. "They learn patience and accountability, responsibility. It's not just about the horse, it's a lot about them."

Recent research from Arizona State University backs up Nelson's beliefs.

During an eight-week study, researchers found children with attention-deficit disorder showed significant progress in reaction time, higher self-esteem and reduced anxiety after working with horses. Children with no learning challenges also reported an increase in self-esteem and school performance, the researchers found.

One 6-year-old girl has been participating in Horse Play for three years. Her mother enrolled her to boost her self-confidence and get her to smile in public.

"She's more perceptive at reading other people's feelings because she's become more in tune with horse," said the girl's mother, who didn't want her name used.

The woman also credits Nelson and her program for teaching her daughter responsibility and problem-solving skills.

"She is a calming force," the woman said of Nelson. "She helps each child think through decisions -- what the problem is and how to solve it."

Nelson said all credit belongs to her four-legged therapists.

"I just expose them to what I do and let the horses heal," she said. 

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