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Herding Dog Rescue

 Information Request
Adopted collies must be indoor/outdoor dogs!Adopted collies must have a fenced backyard!

Adoption fee - $400.00 for Rescued Collies

-  Includes all vaccinations, spay or neuter, fecal check, heartworm check, flea & tick treatment, and grooming. 

We realize that there are good homes for Collies in states other than the Carolinas and have no objections to out of state adoptions if, when a match is made, the prospective adopter is willing to come meet the Collie and take him or her home. We will work very closely during the adoption process to suggest a Collie that will fit in at your home. However, only you can say this is the right Collie for your home.

E-mail address
Date of birth
Rescue Collie's name 
Age and Description 
List the dogs you currently own or have owned in the last 3 years:
Breed? Spayed/Neutered? What has happened to him/her? Still have?
List the cats you currently own 
Do you have children and if so what are their ages? 
Vet reference and phone number:
Do you have a fenced yard? Yes  No
If yes describe fence
Are your current pets on heartworm preventive? Yes  No
Are you familiar with local animal ordinances? Yes  No
Does any member of your household have allergies? Yes  No
Do you plan to chain or tie your Collie outside at anytime ?  Yes  No
Are you employed?  Yes  No
Are you or your spouse currently serving in the military? Yes  No
May I come to your home and visit this pet ? Yes  No
Has your pet ever been taken to Animal Control?  Yes  No
If yes, why, and did you redeem it?
Why do you want this Collie? 
Will your Collie be kept:  indoors  outdoors  both
Who will be responsible for this Collie? 
What will you do with this Collie if it is not working out? 
Do you Own/Rent If renting, provide name and phone # of landlord 
Do you live in  House Apartment Mobile Home Condo

Please copy and paste in your email then answer questions and send to Thanks! 

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